The Top 7 Ways To Make Money Blogging

make money blogging

Every day, I come across people who do not understand how possible it is to make money blogging. If many people still doubt the possibility of making a career out of blogging, I totally understand. This is because I had my own moments of doubt too before I started making money as a blogger.

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Personal Branding For Bloggers: 10 Strategies That Actually Work

personal branding

When it comes to personal branding, not all bloggers can confidently say they know what it entails. And this clearly shows that they’re neglecting a very important aspect of their career.

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A Concise Guide On How To Start A Blog: Everything You Need To Know

how to start a blog

I decided to write this concise guide on how to start a blog for two reasons: One, to help newbies who want to learn how to start blogging. Two, to contribute towards the subject of blogging. So if you would spare few minutes to read this blog post till the end, I’ll walk you through […]

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How To Become A Full-Time Freelance Writer In Less Than 3 Months

full-time freelance writer

Let me make a wild guess: you’re on this site because you want to learn how to become a full-time freelance writer. That’s cool. In this short freelance writing guide, I’m going to walk you through the process of becoming a full-time freelance writer in about 10 minutes. Whether you’re a newbie looking to start […]

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10 Random Thoughts on Blogging: Setting the Records Straight

Random thoughts on blogging

When blogging first started about two decades ago, many people thought it was a fad that would fizzle out anytime soon. At that time, there were lots of misconceptions which later developed into myths because the amount of available information about blogging was grossly unsubstantial.

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